The territory of Montespertoli lies to the south-west of Florence, in the area between two valleys Val di Pesa e Val d'Elsa; a chain of hills in an open and sunny countryside where cypress trees sway in the wind, ploughed fields lie close to woodland or alternate with vineyards and olive groves in a perfect harmony of space and colour.


The geological nature of the soil, the favourable microclimate and exposition make the area particularly suitable for the cultivation of the vines so much so that it received deserved recognition in 1997 as a sub-zone called "Chianti Montespertoli" and Vinsanto del Chianti Doc Montespertoli and following that its own "Strada del vino" (Wine Road).


Our family, which has its roots in the rural tradition, has been active in this area for four generations and we use both traditional and modern technology in order to translate into our wines the love that we have for both this soil and wine making.


For several years now, with the objective of improving quality we have been committed to the renewal of our vineyards using selected clones of Sangiovese, Cabernet and Merlot and specialised planting techniques using a high density of plants per hectare.