Vinsanto del Chianti

Montespertoli DOC Riserva

Vinsanto is a wine which is closed to the heart of every tuscan wine producer. Extreme care is dedicated to the selection of the heathiest and ripest Trebbiano grapes which are hand harvested.

The bunches are then hung on wooden poles and left to dry in a well ventilated building. In late January the grapes are pressed and the must obtained is placed in oak casks where it starts to slowly ferment and during the following years acquires that unmistakable bouquet.

Vinsanto has a lovely amber colour, an intense ethereal and characteristic perfume and harmonious velvety taste with a hint of sweetness. An ideal companion for biscuits and home made cake, perfect with mature cheese.

Type: Passito

Vines per hectar: 3000

Growing method: Spurred cordon, Guyot

Altitude: 350 o.s.l.

Grape: Trebbiano

Harvest: Manual 

Dyrying method: bunches left to dry from September until the end of January

Maturation: 8-10 years in oak barrel (caratelli )

Refinement: Bottle

Colour: Amber 

Nose: Intense, ethereal, with hints of  raisin and honey

Taste: Harmonious velvety with a hint of sweetness, hints of almond and fig

Temperature of service: 16° C. – perfect at 12° as well